The ever shrinking stomach

It doesn’t appear how it sounds. Externally my stomach does not appear to be shrinking. I actually look quite bloated most of the time. Some might even use the term plump. Internally is a different story however. I cannot seem to eat very much at all. I’m a fairly small person, but I can eat quite a bit when I’m hungry. Or I guess my former self could.  I also LOVE food, like a lot, almost as much as I love beer. This new pregnant self and I are still getting acquainted and we very much disagree on eating habits. For the past three weeks I have barely had an appetite at all. It’s really very sad because my love of food is getting severely neglected, with no resolution in sight.

In addition to myself transforming into a food hater, Jamie is quite concerned with my lack of caloric intake. She often quizzes me about what I’ve eaten during the day and it often ends like this 😦  I try to explain that I just can’t eat that much, but it’s hard to understand when you aren’t dealing with a shrunken stomach yourself. We just have pouty face wars and see who wins. If she does, I try to eat more and if I do, I don’t have to eat more.

I actually felt really hungry at lunch today, and while out running an errand for work, picked up some tacos. I ate one taco and 3 chips before I felt like I might puke if I ate or smelled another bite. Sigh. I just keep imagining our little walrus (doesn’t it look like a walrus?) down there saying things like “Whoa fatty, slow down on the food, you don’t need to each that much” and “You aren’t feeding an army, just a pea sized walrus” or “I’ll make you throw up if you keep stuffing your face”








I know it sounds like I’m making our embryo into a heartless joker, but if it takes after me at all, it will be. I’m also sure that after it’s had 8 1/2 more months to grow, or however long it takes, our baby will have developed a well rounded personality that is sweet and loveable as well as sarcastic and witty.

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One thought on “The ever shrinking stomach

  1. Becca says:

    Yeah! What is up with this, right? I am just starting to get a little nausea this week. I was walking around the grocery store last night and the most random foods were making my stomach turn just walking past them. Strange little pea-sized walrus indeed.

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