Can you feel the love tonight?

We got back from Little Rock on Monday night and our baby is LOVED. I feel so lucky to have such supportive family and friends. We just started volunteering for a program that provides “foster homes” for kids who are LGBT and get kicked out by their, often LDS, families. It’s hard to believe that things like that are still happening. We, for the most part, live in a pretty little bubble and I feel so lucky to have had the experience I and we have so far.

I went to graduate school with an amazing group of people. One of them, who is also one of the best straight allies out there, pretty much demanded to throw us a baby shower when she first found out we were TTC. We called her shortly after our BFP and she started the planning away. First, the shower was going to be in D.C., where most of our closest friends moved after graduation. Then, Tennessee, New Orleans, Virginia and Utah were thrown around. Finally, everyone decided Little Rock would be the best. Quite a few people still lived there, including my favorite professors so it made a lot of sense. More places for people to stay and such and somewhere to host the shower for free.

It might seems a little odd to have a shower at 19 weeks, but it was the only weekend that would work for almost everyone and it was a 3 day weekend, which Jamie and I preferred. We headed out Saturday morning and after a loooong day of travel finally made it to our friend’s house. You might remember him as the “I’m not saying I’m the father, I’m just saying I was the only man in the house when the baby was conceived” friend. All was going well (tired but well) until we decided to head out to a bar we all used to go to when we didn’t want to study or just finished big projects. Using the repulsive bar bathroom might have been what pushed me over the edge (it is such a different experience when you aren’t drinking). Or maybe it was the glares I imagined I was getting as I held Jamie’s beer while she played pool. I guess it could have been the long day of flying and exhaustion too 😉 I told J I wanted to leave after her game was over. Then, I got really dizzy and lightheaded. My vision got blurry and I felt really sick. I said I was going out to get some fresh air. As soon as I got outside I threw up. Silly baby didn’t make me sick until halfway through the pregnancy. We headed back “home” and went to bed and I felt fine the next day. Pregnancy is weird y’all.

Sunday was the shower and it was so great. So many people came to show us their love and support (and maybe a little bit for the reunion with everyone else). They gave us sweet cards, beautiful gifts and wonderful advice. Most of them don’t have kids yet so the advice was pretty great.

“Don’t push on the baby’s soft spot. I used to get yelled at for doing it to my sister 🙂 “

“Burp the kid after you feed it”

“Teach your little one to say y’all. It’s efficient and will connect the baby back to Arkansas”

There was also some really sweet advice:

“One of my favorite all time quotes is ‘I used to worry that I’d fail at things that mattered, now I’m concerned that I’ll succeed at things that don’t.’ Here’s to the truly important things!”

“Kiss him/her every chance you matter how ‘cool’ they are. Give them as much confidence as possible to be proud of who they are and who y’all are!”

We went on a great hike to the top of Pinnacle “mountain” after the shower. Really it was such a beautiful weekend full of beautiful people. I already miss them all to pieces.

Here are a couple of photos of the weekend.

J and I so much in love

J and I so much in love










J asked me to show off my bump

J asked me to show off my bump










Group shot

Group shot







Activism is a must in our family

Activism is a must in our family








I might go back and delete the group shot in a few days. Don’t want to be plastering folks all over the web without their permission. Anatomy scan  update coming soon.

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5 thoughts on “Can you feel the love tonight?

  1. Look at your little bump, it’s perfect! You guys are such a cute couple. Glad you had a wonderful shower.

  2. meridith says:

    Sounds lovely! We did advice cards in lieu of presents from extended family and long-distance friends and it was one of my favorite pre-baby gifts. Hurrah for lots of advice (and hopes that some of it applies!)

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