It’s a…..


A healthy baby measuring right on track with two arms, two legs, 4  pumping heart chambers, a nice looking cerebellum, 10 fingers and 10 toes, no cleft palate, and a cute little nose.

Bubbles was moving around a lot during the scan. It did not want the tech to be able to get good pictures of it’s heart and didn’t want us to see it’s face. Maybe we have a shy one like me on our hands (er in my uterus). While I personally wouldn’t get an ultrasound for fun it sure was fun to see our little one and watch it squirming around. During almost the whole scan Bubbles had one arm behinds its back while the other arm and legs were moving around almost constantly.

J made this cute little collage. We didn’t get a little profile pic like everyone else, but we did get an awesome skeletor face. 😉


Now to the not so good news, because these days it seems like there is always not good news too. Towards the end of the scan the tech told me my placenta was barely, like really just barely, covering my cervix*. Boo placenta! Here is my best attempt (okay let’s be honest it’s my first and only attempt) at drawing what it looks like in the wonderful program called paint. Remember when it was the coolest thing on a computer? haha


The tech said she had to put complete placenta previa in my chart and that my midwife would call me to discuss it, but that I would need come back and get a transvaginal ultrasound at some point to check it. I was like yeah okay no big deal. I had read enough about it before the scan to know that 1 in 3 pregnancies has placenta previa at some point and that it resolves in 80-90% of cases.

Then, Activist Genius (our midwife) called me on Friday. When I answered she sounded pretty bummed and had me confirm my birthday. When I told her she said “Ugh so it is you then” She asked me if the tech told me about the placenta and I said yes, but that I wasn’t worried because I knew it would most likely move away from the cervix as time went on. Well, then she went on to tell me that it is extremely unlikely that a complete placenta previa would resolve. She has never seen it happen in her career.  She talked about family centered c-sections and reassured us that she would be there for the c-section. She said I’ll need to get a follow up scan at 32 weeks and we’ll see what happens then. In the meantime I am on pelvic rest (not a big deal) and if I bleed at all I have to go to the hospital straight away. I spent Friday and Saturday pretty devastated about the possibility of not having a home birth, having a c-section, a premie, the NICU, bed rest, etc. I read a million studies and stories about complete previa’s resolving and am now just focusing on my placenta moving away from the cervix as my uterus grows. I’ve been talking to my placenta and Bubbles about helping me out with this plan. I spend lots of time visualizing it moving and telling my body that is what it is going to do.

I feel like I’m at a standstill for the next 12 weeks. Do I keep preparing for a home birth? Find and hire a doula? Start working through the Pink Kit? Or do I start preparing for a c-section? Research the choices we’ll have to make for the birth and for a possible stay in the NICU? Most of me says just go along as if everything is okay and plan the homebirth, but a tiny part wants to be really prepared incase things don’t go the way that I’ve envisioned them. Decisions decisions.

* For anyone that knows us in real life we are not sharing this information with the catastrophizers in the family so pretty please do not say anything. You know who they are and I don’t need or want to deal with their over dramatic and worrisome reactions. Love you!

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4 thoughts on “It’s a…..

  1. Here’s my thought knowing our midwife: if hospital/c-section are the route you have to go she’ll guide you through your next steps. Don’t spend the next 12 weeks worrying about how things will go. Keep focusing on a healthy you and bubbles and know this is something you have no control over but you have support from those around you who will help you figure it out. You don’t need the added stress.

  2. Oh, and FANTASTIC paint drawing.

  3. DeCaf says:

    I’d make both plans. Nobody knows for sure what will happen, it’s possible to start a home-birth and end up in the hospital needing a c-section for other reasons anyway.

  4. Caitlin says:

    Haha, this sounds like me – talking to your body and Bubbles. I do that all the time! Keep positive energy flowing through that uterus and an open mind! It could definitely resolve itself.

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