Randomness and Our Awesome Midwife

I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to write about lately, or maybe I just haven’t felt like writing anything. Probably a little of both. We might just be turning into older and more boring people than we already were.

A few posts back I finally gave our midwife a blog name “Activist Genius” with the disclaimer that I would come back and explain why. First, I just want to say that we couldn’t have found a better midwife to fit us and both of our personalities and needs. We lucked out.

Activist: As you know, wifey and I got legally married on Dec. 20th. We had an appointment with the midwife a couple of weeks later. She was sooooo excited about it. The ruling came down right before Christmas and she told us how she talked about the ruling it’s wonderfulness the whole week she spent with her inlaws (much to their dismay). When the governor then a few weeks later said that our marriages were essentially invalid, she asked if she could write a letter to him on our behalf explaining that his actions were causing me and our fetus harm, both physically and emotionally. Of course we said yes, I don’t know if she really ended up doing it or not but she was livid. There was a big protest at the capitol and the next day there was a picture of her in the news with a rainbow flag draped around her. She is not just an ally and support of LGBT rights, she also did a news story about the incredibly icky polluted air we experience in our city. Even though she and her partner make a good living and live in pretty much the nicest part of town, they drive the same 10 year old CNG car that we do (except they have two).Unfortunately, this issue is one that will likely take to her another state right after our Bubbles is born. I’m sure she is an activist in other ways too. It’s kind of funny that our little activist family picked an activist midwife without really knowing she was at the time.

Genius: She is seriously one of the smartest women I’ve met and I’ve met A TON of smart women (my incredible wife for one). She is maybe, slightly obsessed with research-which is totally like me. I research nearly everything and want to know all perspectives and the research supporting them. She stays up to date on all the pregnancy related current research. I’ve been surprised by some of it, and very glad that she knows her stuff. All of the other midwives we interviewed had  a more natural, laid back approach to pregnancy and birth. She also teaches in the midwifery PhD department. I am a huge academic nerd and plan on getting a PhD one of these days. She’s simply brilliant and I feel beyond very confident in her care.

Can I also say that she says that me gaining 18 pounds at 22 weeks is perfectly fine. I have read so many stories of women’s OB’s and midwives giving them lectures about gaining even less than that.  To be honest I don’t know where the 18 pounds is, but it’s somewhere. She just went on and on about how great and healthy I looked.

Other pretty boring news:

  • We finally found a dresser/changing table for Bubbles
  • We also bought ourselves a giant 12 drawer dresser
  • We are remodeling our closet this weekend
  • Soon all of our clothes will be in our room and not in Bubbles’ room
  • We bought a crib, we decided to side car instead of getting a co-sleeper (this one might need it’s own post)
  • I found out using acrylic and oil paints is perfectly fine, so the mural is moving slowly along (in my head)
  • I get to make brownies tonight (wifey told me to wait until tonight so her sister and boyfriend could eat them with us) I can already taste their deliciousness
  • Activist Genius suggested to go along as if we’ll have a homebirth, and if we find out at 30 weeks the placenta hasn’t moved we will discuss other options
  • So I ordered the Pink Kit and we are going to hire a doula
  • I wanted to add a pregnancy ticker countdown to the blog, but I don’t know how, sigh

I wrote on someone else’s blog that I would share our pregnancy announcement photo because I didn’t back when we did it so here it is:



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2 thoughts on “Randomness and Our Awesome Midwife

  1. I love the announcement and we seriously discussed doing a Chaco picture just like it (lesbians). I also love that you two got married on Dec. 20th which I think I knew from you posting it then and the political stuff but we got legally married the same day (out of state in a rush before Jan. 1 insurances changes). Also, I LOVE your midwife just from the sounds of her. Sounds like you picked a great one!

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