Birth/Arrival Story Part 2

Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long. Newborns are hard work, especially when they think that your breasts are 24/7 pacifiers.

Okay…so Sunday the 15th was a super busy day. We did lots of last-minute nesting and working on unfinished projects. We went to a couple of nurseries and bought the rest of the veggie plants for our garden and planted most of them. We put the crib together. We didn’t pack a hospital bag though…oops. We finally went to bed and I got up at about 1:00 to pee (yay third trimester!). I stood up and immediately thought I peed my shorts.  I felt warm liquid running down my legs. Then, I thought this shouldn’t be happening my pelvic floor is like a rock, I do kegels all the time, I’m not even 40 weeks yet, I’ve never let out as much of a trickle of urine so far. I quickly waddled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I looked down and saw that my shorts were covered in blood. The toilet was full of blood. It looked like a crime scene from Dexter. I yelled to Wifey, but I didn’t think she heard me.  I waddled to the closet and grabbed a towel to wash myself off and called for her again. She woke up this time and I told her we needed to go the hospital, lots and lots of blood, a trail from the bed to the bathroom, way more than on Saturday morning. I was freaked out, but tried to stay calm and quickly found some clothes to throw on and we rushed out the door.

We got to OB emergency and they started the same protocol as last time. They stuck long q-tips inside, looked at my cervix, hooked up monitors, started IV’s. They measured al the blood they took out of me and if I recall it was about 100 cc’s this time. Since it was my second bleed, they admitted me to labor and delivery and I got wheeled over there.

We had a lovely male OB for the night. I know a lot of women feel very strongly about having a female vs male OB, I am one of them. But this OB was great. He was the only Dr. throughout the whole ordeal, and my whole life really, who did a speculum exam that didn’t hurt…at all. AMAZING! He was also from Arkansas which was fun. He did more q-tipping around and I had monitors hooked up to me all night.If you haven’t had the pleasure of having to be monitored during pregnancy it’s impossible to sleep. You have an extremely tight ace bandage around your torso, and two very hard circles about 4′” in diameter  (one for baby’s heartbeat and one for contractions) digging into your skin. It was not fun.The bleeding eventually stopped, but the nurse told Wifey I would likely be there until the baby was born. I was an emotional mess. I still had work projects to do, we didn’t have a hospital bag packed, we left our dogs home alone with no one to take care of them, the mural wasn’t done yet, I didn’t want a c-section, etc.

They didn’t have a bed for me in the “bed-rest” area so they had to put me in the area for moms with their new babies. I felt pretty out-of-place, one of the cleaning ladies came in and said “where’s your baby” and I pointed to my stomach. One of the great things about it though is that my sister is a nurse on the unit so I got the best care ever. She made sure I had great nurses and they all took good care of us. Funny story…my sister works weekends and when we went to the hospital on Saturday I thought about telling her, but it was right after she got off work and I figured she was home trying to get some zzz’s. Then, while we were there she called and was not at all happy that I didn’t tell her we were there. She had forgotten something and came back to the hospital and randomly saw our car in the parking garage. So this time I called her when we were on our way up and since she was working she came to check on us and make sure everyone knew I was her sister and to take good care of me. It was cute and reminded me of being kids again, when I was known by the older kids as Em’s little sister.

So…for the forseeable future I was on bed rest, at the hospital. I could only get up to go the bathroom and shower. I emailed my boss to let her know, Wifey found someone to take care of the dogs for the week when my mom flaked and I spent a lot of the next few days crying. A different OB, Dr. N came Tuesday morning and said since I hadn’t bled again they would let me go home. I was ecstatic. We waited all day and finally had the nurses page the OB to find out what was going on. That’s when we met a new OB, Dr. K. She explained that Dr. N was a resident and was wrong and he shouldn’t have said that without consulting with her first.  Then, she said we should do a c-section right away, and that even though my placenta had moved it was highly unlikely that I would be able to have a vaginal delivery without hemorrhaging and needing an emergency c-section. She said that often times the bleeding gets worse each time and there was no reason to wait for it to become an emergency situation. We talked about our family centered c-section ideals and she assured us that we could have near immediate skin to skin, keep baby with us, breastfeeding right away and that they would find a mirror so that I could watch him being born (after they got his head out). We asked if they could do it on Saturday, because it was the Solstice and that would be an awesome birthday. She said she would find out and we asked her to come back later and we had a chance to talk. We decided we would schedule the c-section, but wanted it to be later in the week so that our little guy had at least 37 weeks on the inside. Dr. K. came back and explained that we could do it on Saturday, but Friday she could be there and so could Dr. C, our OB. Saturday would be whoever was on call, an OB we hadn’t met. So we talked to Activist Genius who said she could change her schedule to be there and we scheduled for Friday the 19th at 9:30 am.

Then, Wednesday morning Dr. N came back and said we could go home again. Because of what happened the day before we double checked with him and he said assured us that I could. We waited again all day and nothing. Then he and Dr. K came back and said I couldn’t go home. Talk about cruel. I cried a lot more. Then they said I could go home, but that they really didn’t want me to. Wifey and I talked about it and we decided she would go to work and we would head home that evening, just to have a couple of normal nights at home and so that I go to work and finish a couple of things, take one last belly bump photo. We got discharged at about 6:30 and headed home.  It was so weird to be outside, just bizarre really, but wonderful.

My stepbrother and his girlfriend brought dinner to our house. We got home and I lounged on the couch and explained the last few days to them while Wifey unloaded the car. We were just about to eat when I got up to go to the bathroom. As soon as I stood up I knew it was happening again. I shuffled quickly to the bathroom to find a massive amount of blood. I cleaned up and told Wifey it was happening again. I asked if we should wait and pack a bag this time, but Wifey was worried about having a significantly worse bleed so we left right away. My stepbrother and his girlfriend followed us up. This time they admitted me right away to labor and delivery and the same routine started. I was happy to see the awesome speculum Dr. again. This time Wifey watched him do his thing with the long q-tips. I looked at her and she was crying. I could tell whatever she was seeing was really scary. Turns out they were swabbing up blood they were using the q-tips to pull out blood clots. She said it was a pile as big as when you make a circle by putting your thumbs together and fingers together. Does that make sense? If not…about as big as a grapefruit. They monitored me all night. The gang ate dinner while I suffered, not having eaten since noon that day. I barely slept at all.

Finally they came in and said they would do the c-section first thing in the morning. So many emotions. They started prepping me and we called my parents to let them know what was going on. The actual birth story will be next and I  promise it will be before two weeks. A couple recent photos to make up for taking so long 🙂





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6 thoughts on “Birth/Arrival Story Part 2

  1. Caitlin says:

    Oh my gosh, he is PRECIOUS! I love his little tiny fingers!!

  2. mamaetmaman says:

    How bout your last bump picture too!

  3. Molly says:

    That face! Oh my gosh. Adorableness.

  4. DeCaf says:

    Such a little cutie! Also about the story: so much blood!

  5. Becca says:

    wow that must have been so scary with the bleeding. but what a cutie!

  6. .rlg. says:

    What a captivating, emotional, powerful birth story. I can feel the roller coaster and the sense of crazy and excitement and fear right through the screen. I look forward to reading more!

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