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2 Months

Thijs is 2 months old! Well he was 10 days ago. I just haven’t had two hands to type in the last 10 days. I started back at work last week after being at home with my little love for 8 weeks. It’s hard and we are working on an alternative plan, but that’s for another blog post. This one is about 2 month old Thijs.



  • There is a zebra on his bouncy chair and monkeys that hang from the bar above it. He LOVES them all. Here is a pic of him checking out the zebra. Every time we put him in it he would just stare at the zebra like that forever. Later on he became friends with the swinging monkeys and tried with all his might to coordinate his little (big) hands to hit them. He really likes them and I think he thinks they are friends because whenever we bring them out he gets the biggest grin on his face and just sits there smiling at them. 426016_751759331534720_3876231851891565185_n
  • I think his favorite thing is being outside and nature. If he is fussy sometimes we can just take him outside and he immediately calms down. I even got him to fall asleep with a pacifier once while walking him around the yard (a miracle). He loves going for walks in the park and stares up at the leaves and (I imagine) the negative space between the trees and the sky. Sometimes he dozes off, but sometimes he just looks around like he is where he is supposed to be. We are pretty happy to have a little nature lover.
  • We have a CD player in our kitchen (I know we are so old school) and the only CD we seem to have in the house is Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. Our little guy really likes it and Wifey plays it for him all the time. Sometimes when he is hanging out with his zebra and monkeys and sometimes, other times she dances with him when he is really fussy. He seems to like other music too, but R&B/soul are definitely his favorites.
  • He loves to be kissed. He smiles and moves his head so that you kiss his lips instead of his chubby little cheeks. He opens his mouth too. I can see lots of slobbery, wet kisses in our future.
  • Wifey started a routine of putting his fleece footed pj’s on him at bedtime. We didn’t have much of a routine before, and honestly I think for the first month of his life he slept in a diaper on my bare chest. It was certainly hot enough, we’d both end up a sweaty, milky mess. When it started getting cooler at night and we started having him sleep on his back sometimes, we put him in pj’s. He gets happy for that bedtime diaper change and pj’s time. Maybe because he knows breastfeeding comes next, or maybe he like to be all snuggly. Either way we have stocked up and he has plenty until he grows out of the 0-3 size.
  • We’ve decided that he doesn’t like dairy, or at least his body doesn’t. He was showing lots of signs of a food intolerance and dairy is the most common so I stopped eating it a few weeks ago. He has less green slimy stools these days and has less uncomfortable gas/pain. He is still fussy and cries a lot, but it seems less and he seems more happy/content throughout the day. I’ll give it a test in a few more weeks and see if he has a reaction or not. I kind of hope he doesn’t because I really miss ice cream.
  • As I mentioned in his 1 month post, he smiled for the first time on August 4th. He had kind of almost smiled a few times before, but this time he was wide awake and kept doing it 5 minutes or so. He has the cutest dimples and apparently we have the same smile, kind of crooked with one eye slightly closed.
  • He also met his Aunt Katie for the first time and he loved her. They did lost of snuggling and she even got him to fall asleep without breastfeeding. She is the baby whisperer. I tried to convince her it was a sign she needed to move back to Utah and be his nanny, but she couldn’t. She bought him some snazzy Real Salt Lake gear, can’t wait for the next game day so he can wear it. We are all looking forward to hanging out with her again soon though. They are in Portland now, which is a bit closer than Seattle 🙂
  • Oh and he weighed 9 pounds even and was exactly 22 inches long, which puts him at the same spot on the growth curve, around 5%, he doesn’t seem tiny to me, but I guess we’ve got ourselves a little peanut.
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