A belated 3 month update

Now that Thijs is nearly 4 months, I am getting around to his 3 month old post..oops. The picture was only taken a week late though, so I’m considering that a win.




  • Our Little Love has a stuffed monkey (who has since been named Mr. Snuggles) that he absolutely adores. You pull it’s tail and it plays a little song. He has a giraffe that does something similar, but he definitely prefers Mr. Snuggles. This kid has a thing for monkeys it seems. He gets a big grin on his face whenever we pull Mr. Snuggles out. He likes when Mr. Snuggles sings to him, does dances and acrobatic tricks for him, he likes to chew on his ears, face, arms, and snuggle up with him for nap time. I kind of hope he loves Mr. Snuggles for a long time.

With Mr. Snuggles and friends while out for a walk with the nanny

  • He is such a smiley baby and loves when we try to get him to smile by making silly faces and noises. He has the cutest smile and dimples that come with it, so we try to get him to smile all the time. One day he really liked a scratchy laugh that we did and fake snoring and sneezing. He likes any noise you can make with your mouth really, he’s easy to please. He has yet to really laugh, but it doesn’t stop us from trying.
  • We got a new baby carrier and he loves it much better than the other one we got before he was born. It’s a beco gemini and it’s so great. He loves to face out and look at everything going on. He also loves that he can easily nurse in it while we are out and about and then fall right to sleep.
  • He HATES the car, like so much hates the car. It’s really sad because it limit how much we feel like we can go out and do. He screams and cries, lots of tears crying, the entire time. There have been maybe 2 times he has fallen asleep in the car. All the other times he just cries and cries. It doesn’t matter if one of us is back there with him or not. We are really hoping it’s a phase that he will get over soon. We’d like to take him to visit his family that lives 3 hours away, but I can’t imagine making him do that yet.
  • He learned how to click his tongue,and he learned it really quickly. I was just making silly noises one morning with him and I noticed that he was mimicking what I was doing with my tongue. So, I kept doing it really slowly and then he did it and he was SO PROUD of himself. He just melts my little heart. I got him doing it on video once, seriously so cute.
  • He giggled a little bit once or twice. The first time Wifey was just smiling and making faces at him and he did like a 3 breath giggle. That’s all we’ve ever got out of him, or a 1 breath squeal. We can’t wait to hear what his laugh sounds like.
  • He’s still a tiny little peanut at 11 lbs and 3 oz and 22 3/4 inches long, hanging out the 2-5 percentile. It’s funny because he seems so big to us because he is growing so quickly, but he’s just a little one.

And a couple more pictures from his 3rd month of life:

He loves getting kisses

He loves getting kisses

A middle of the night play party while Wifey was out of town

A middle of the night play party while Wifey was out of town


He got my long lashes, I think his are longer than mine now


2 thoughts on “A belated 3 month update

  1. Becca says:

    Adorable. Brian hated the car too for the longest time, sometimes playing the right static station on the radio helped, or singing loudly to him- but usually not that. Hope he grows out of it soon so you guys can get out more!

  2. DeCaf says:

    Cars seem to be something babies either love or hate.

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