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All Night Buffet

I have created a monster and I don’t know what to do about it.

About a month and a half ago Thijs stopped being able to be easily transitioned from asleep in my arms to lying down. Not a big deal at nap time, I love baby snuggles, but it’s becoming a pretty big obstacle at night time. After nursing him to sleep, every single time I tried to lay him down next to me in bed (we bedshare) we would wake up. He used to sleep on my chest most of the time, but he was just getting too big and would try to roll off all the time. After quite a few sleepless nights and migraines for me I decided I had to try something else so that I could get a at least a wee bit more sleep.

First, there were a couple nights I tried sleeping sitting up. If you were considering this I’ll spare you the trouble, it was a bad idea. I woke up feeling like my neck was about to fall off.

Then, I decided to try nursing lying down with Thijs next to me. It required a lot of pillows and some strange sleeping positions, but it was sort of working. At least I was feeling slightly less like a zombie. There were a lot of sore e hips, neck, arms, etc. involved. Someone remind me why I didn’t have a baby 5-10  years ago when I was young and spry.

So, I still wasn’t getting much sleep and felt like I had been hit by a truck each morning (again why no babies at 20?)and Thijs was starting to take up more space. I decided to try transitioning him to his crib. His crib is sidecarred, so essentially still the same bed, just a baby extension 🙂 This has been a work in progress since October 24th. I bet you can guess how well that is going.

I’m on day 3 of a migraine. I would guess that I’m getting about 2-3 hours of sleep each night (generous guess). I am so sleep deprived I paid our mortgage twice this month and forgot to pay the rest of the utilities. I feel like a zombie and am so tired I can barely think straight.

The good news is that he usually goes to sleep pretty easily. We can tell when he is getting tired and get him ready for bed between 7-8 and he falls asleep nursing pretty quickly. The bad news is that he doesn’t stay asleep. I lay him in his “crib” after he is in a deep sleep. He sleeps there from anywhere between 20 minutes to 3-4 hours (okay that’s only happened like twice). He wakes up crying and looking for me (aka boob) and I bring him next to me to nurse and we go back and forth, side to side ALL NIGHT LONG. It’s like the all night buffet is there and open so he can’t say no. My baby is addicted to nursing. I don’t think it’s a hunger thing, he’s eating about 12 oz a day while I am at work which is on the higher end for a breastfed baby.

I  don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I think I should sit up to nurse him when he wakes up and then lay him back in his crib and hope for longer increments of sleep. Sometimes I think this is just a wild phase we are going through (4 month wakeful) and it will pass (hopefully soon). I’m in the you can’t spoil a baby camp and don’t want to deprive him if he needs mommy snuggles all night long, but something has to give. I have intentions of trying the first option, but then I get too tired and just keep him next to me all night. I don’t want to do any sort of crying it out. I think he’s much too young and am 99.9% sure he’d cry for at least an hour. Advice anyone out there in the internets? Just tell me it gets better.

I’ve also wondered if it’s a diaper issue. We cloth diaper and he is pretty soaked when we change him in the morning. I wonder if he doesn’t like feeling wet. I am going to try some fleece liners and see if that makes a difference at all.




Hoping for more of these moments soon.

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4 months old

Thijs is 4 months old, well 4 1/2 now. The time is going by so quickly, sometimes I wish I could slow it down, other times it’s so fun to watch him grow and learn new things everyday

4 months


Our little peanut is still a little peanut at under 13 lbs at 4 months, following the growth curve but still in the 5% range.

  • He really enjoys reading books. Well we read them to him, he doesn’t read yet 😉 I am surprised by his attention span. He will gladly sit on our lap, or lay on the bed/floor, and look at and read books for 10-15 minutes. He likes board books, picture books, and even longer books with a lot of words. He grabs at them and tries to turn the pages himself.

10700755_10152318781001205_232843823527302953_o (1)

  • Our new and amazing nanny takes him all over the city and he loves it. They walk for miles and hours almost every day. Now that it is getting cold out, we need to get him some warmer gear to keep him nice and snuggly on their outings. Recently they went to an art museum and a buddhist temple. Today they are going to a pottery shop. He just loves being outside and really seems to enjoy checking out all the new sights and sounds in his surroundings. He is a really curious and attentive baby, paying a lot of attention to people and things.


  • In a fun turn of events, our baby who used to hate diaper changes and being naked, (except in the shower) now loves both of them! He really enjoys his naked time and we try to let him hang out naked for a while after diaper changes and shower time. He just smiles and laughs and recently started whispering as well. He play pat-a-cake with his hands and feet, blow raspberries on his tummy, play peek-a-boo, and sometimes he just tells us stories. I cam imagine that it will be hard to keep clothes on him in the next year or so.


  • Something terrible has happened to his sleep. It could be the supposed 4 month sleep regression, he could just have a nursing addiction, or he could just be an infant. He was sleeping one 5-6 (sometimes longer) stretch at the beginning of each night. Then he just stopped. I wasn’t getting any sleep so I decided to try side lying nursing when we woke up to get more sleep myself and that hasn’t helped much either. Last night for fun I checked the clock each time he woke up, it was every 2 hours or less. Why, oh why? This topic deserves it’s own post, so I won’t say much as this is his 4 month update, but he has decided he hates going to sleep, or maybe staying asleep would be more accurate.


  • As mentioned above, Thijs loves books. I decided to start adding his favorite book each month to his updates. This month his favorite book has been Green Eggs and Ham. Kind of weird for a 4 month old, but he loves it and will sit through the whole book. A close second is a foam book called ocean. He likes to hold (and try to eat) the pop out pieces that are in the shape of ocean animals, while we read him the book.


  • I finally got a real laugh out of Thijs this month. It was on October 17th, which also happened to be his conception anniversary and Wifey’s birthday. I was changing his diaper, which is his happiest time these days. I was playing around with him, singing songs and such, and decided to give peek-a-boo a try but ducking down while he was on his changing table so he couldn’t see me and then popping up. He laughed the cutest little laugh and did it a few times. He hasn’t done it much since, he’s a tough little crowd. He smiles and smiles all day long, but the laughs are hard to get. He’s also started blowing bubbles, cute but messy.


He was Bam Bam for Halloween. Wifey made his costume and did an amazing job. I was Betty Rubble and Wifey was Wilma Flintstone. We kicked Fred and Barney to the curb. He wasn’t too happy because he got woken up from his nap accidentally, but we got one not terrible family photo.



And a couple more pictures from his 4th month:

Dragon Halloween costume

Dragon Halloween costume

Shy smiles

Shy smiles


Loving the mountains


His guard dog watching over him

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