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Halfway to a year

I have another post I’m working on that is less baby related and more life related, but I’m pausing from sorting out all those thoughts to bring you Matthijs’ 6 month update. I know I say this all the time, but seriously how has it been 6 months since he was born. It all seems like it happened weeks ago, but yet, it’s hard to remember life before him.


We officially have a chunky monkey on our hands. He’s just under the 50th percentile for weight now and 22nd for height. He’s come a long way from those almost daily weight checks and endless pumping and supplementing days.

  • He LOVES the puppies, any puppies really. He thinks everything they do is hilarious, sometimes just looking at them is hilarious. For some reason he thinks Wunbi is much more funny than Xena, which is strange because Wunbi really does not like him at all. He loves when they lick his hands and face (we try really hard to not let them do this most of the time). He tries to stick his hands in their mouth so that they will like him. Funny kid
  • He wants to be on the go constantly. He doesn’t roll back to front yet, and hates to be on his belly, and shows no signs of crawling any time soon, but he hates being stuck in one place for very long. He wants us to walk him around while he lunges at the floor, toys, walls, the dogs, etc. If he try to hold him and carry him around to do different things he almost jumps out of our arms when something strikes his fancy. He REALLY want him to learn how to crawl soon because you can only walk around hunched over helping a baby walk for so many hours a day. I think he is going to be all over the place once he is mobile.


    On the move!

  • Recently he started lunging towards our plates and looking pretty unhappy that we got to eat food that he didn’t. Well I don’t really think he was upset about the eating part. I am pretty sure he thinks we just have fun toys that he doesn’t, and he wants them too. We are doing baby-led weaning so we just started letting him grab stuff. 99% of the time he plays with it and then throws it on the floor. (I thought the throwing in the floor stuff didn’t start until they were older) The other 1% of the time he attempts to put it in his mouth.
  • We have also reached the stranger danger zone. Sometimes he loves new people and thinks they are funny and awesome and he flashes them a shy gummy, dimply smile. Other time his little lip quivers and he starts wailing, looking to us for an immediate out to the situation. If he is being held by the stranger in question he looks at me with such sad pitiful eyes, begging to be rescued, which I do right away of course. This is another thing I also thought started when they were a bit older.
  • His favorite book this month was Little Blue Truck, followed closely by Ocean, I am a Bunny and Mama, Mommy and Me. He really likes when Jamie reads Little Blue Truck. He tolerates when I read it, but she does better voices, especially for the big mean dump truck. His frustration with not being able to pick up the pictures in the books seems to be going away for the most part.
  • He had he first solid food just shy of 6 months old, bananas! We are doing baby-led weaning (BLW). We had let me lick/suck a banana or an apple here and there before a few times. One night Jamie just gave in to his lunging towards her food and let him have it. He seemed to enjoy it, but got frustrated that it was so slippery. He ended up figuring out the solution was to put it in Jamie’s hand and then push her hand to his mouth, still baby-led right? He made quite the mess of himself, the floor and everything else within a 1 ft radius. InstagramCapture_ea05541a-611a-4de7-87d7-4e49612442f8_jpg
  • My mom bought him a jumper on Thanksgiving (well she brought it over on Thanksgiving anyway) and he wasn’t sure what to think of it. He didn’t really get how to jump and just chewed on the toys attached to it, kind of turned in circles and then wanted out after a few minutes. Well, then he learned how to jump and he was so proud of himself. He still doesn’t like it for very long, but as long as someone is there talking to him, playing peek-a-boo or making faces at him he just jumps away.

And a few pictures from his 6th month:


He can’t sleep without something in his mouth, I was happy for the break from it being me 🙂


Being a goofball


Trying some sweet potatoes


Ninja turtles!

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5 month update

Thijs is 5 months old (almost 6 now oops). Work has been so busy. I usually try to catch up on reading/posting blogs while I pump, but lately I’ve had to catch up on work. Hopefully I can get caught up soon. I’m trying to get 40 hours of work done in 32 hours and it’s hard, of not impossible.




He is finally getting some fat on his bones. He shot up in weight and was somewhere are the 22nd percentile in weight, still a shorty though.


  • Thijs has really discovered his voice and loves to play with it and practice all the new things he learns. He likes to say “hi, hi, hi, hi” over and over and over again. It’s really cute and he especially likes it when we say hi back. He’s also started saying g, k, and d sounds. At one point he became fascinated with whispering and only whispers. He mostly does this during diaper changes. He’ll whisper for a while and then suddenly yell really loud. I think he even startles himself sometimes when that happens.
  • He LOVES to be standing up and walking around. He couldn’t be bothered with sitting. He likes us to hold his arms and he just walks around wherever he wants to go. If we didn’t have such a tiny little house I’d consider buying a walker for him. His old moms can’t be hunched over for too long before we get backaches. 😉 Lately he has been doing a side-step sort of thing, it looks like a side squat but he takes a step with it. Silly kid. We joke around that he will walk before he crawls because he still won’t hang out on his tummy at all. He smiles and talks and talks while he is walking though.


    He can even stand up by himself!


  • He is a little snuggle bunny. He likes to be snuggled while he naps and sleeps at night. He will really only sleep if he is being held and snuggled. He is also getting more cuddly when he is awake and nuzzles his little face into my necks or rests his head on my shoulder. It just melts my little heart.

Taking a nap on my chest during brunch

  •  He is getting to be more and more of a baby instead of a newborn everyday. We spend most of our days trying to entertain him and make him smile and laugh. He really likes to be tossed in the air and swung. Is swung a word? He especially likes being swung a few times and tossed onto a pillow, don’t worry only 5 month old style swinging and tossing going on around here. It’s the best when we can get him to squeal or laugh and we usually can get a little grin at least.

PicMonkey Collage


  • Sleep is still an issue, I already wrote about it, it’s still the same. I’m tired that is all really.
  • He started getting frustrated with books because he can’t grab the pictures. So, story time didn’t happen as much this month, or as long. His favorite book for most of the month was Barnyard Dance. He especially likes it when it is read in a southern accent with very enthusiastic and realistic animal sounds. His favorite animal sound is the cock-a-doodle-do part and he gets excited in anticipation when he knows it’s coming.
  • We finally heard a full on belly laugh this month. We were driving back from an event and he was mad and tired and crying in his carseat. I was sitting in the back with him trying to cheer him up. I was making silly noises and he finally calmed down. Then I said “ho, ho, ho” in a deep voice. (trying different laughs) and he just cracked up. I kept doing it and he laughed and laughed. It was adorable and I captured a little bit of it on video.


  • He is getting better at sitting up by himself. He can do it for a few seconds before he topples over.
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