7 month update

Thijs is 7 months old (and some change now). I fall more in love with this little sunshine more and more everyday. It might sound cheesy, but I feel so lucky to be his mom.


He continues to be a chunky monkey. Seriously, the kids cheeks go on for days. He’s in the 50th percentile for pretty much everything, weight, height, head, weight for height. Sometimes I look at him (ok most times) and can’t believe how chubby he is. He was sooo tiny for so long and then bam he wasn’t.

    • Thijs has a robot, which we named Rickety and he LOVES it. My old art school friend has a love affair with robots and got it for him before he was born. It’s hanging on his bedroom wall and he lights up whenever he sees it and starts waving his arms and legs around like an octopus until he gets his hands on it. Poor Rickety has suffered from Thijs’ love and has already lost an arm (oops). We might need to find a replacement soon.

Oh Rickety!


You make me smile

  • Thijs likes to smell all the spices on the spice rack. One day a while ago our nanny told me she did it with him one day. Well recently, he started lunging and throwing himself towards the spices…so I played along. He loves it. Vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg are his favorites. He’s going to love pumpkin pie this year :). We joke around that maybe he will be a baker or chef when he grows up.
  • He continues to enjoy playing with his voice. Lately he has been into growling and spent a couple days just growling. Growling loud, growling quiet, short growls, long growls, silly growls, angry growls. Growl, growl, growl.
  • I have to say I’m pretty glad that he enjoys reading books so much. I am a huge book lover and was growing up as well. My mom took us to the library often and we checked out stacks and stacks of books. I loved disappearing into my room and going on adventures through my books. We started reading with Thijs when he was tiny and have continued to pretty much everyday. With the exception of a couple weeks when he was mad about not being able to pick up the pictures, he loves it. He will sit for 20-30 minutes just reading books. He likes to read the same ones over and over again. He smiles with anticipation when his favorite parts come up and turns the pages (usually right one cue). It’s adorable and I really hope he continues to love reading.
  • He is not such a big fan of mashed potatoes. We have tried a few different times and he makes the cutest disgusted face ever and spits them out and/or gags (more than usual). Silly kid, who doesn’t love mashed potatoes????
  • He favorite book was hard this month because there a few he really really likes. One that he liked a lot this month was I am a Bunny. It’s a cute little board book about a bunny and the seasons. Thijs is so observant and likes all the pictures. His favorite one is winter, when the snow is falling from the sky. The little bunny is on all the pages and Thijs reaches and out touches him on each one. I don’t think he can get any cuter.
  • He finally went on his first road trip to visit the in-laws. It was a 3 hour drive there and back and we did it back to back weekends. The first time he was great and slept the entire time. The second time he hated it and it was a looooong drive there and back and it threw his whole sleep schedule off for weeks. He is also rocking on his hands and knees and then nose diving if we set him up on his hands and knees. No crawling, or even close, but little by little he is figuring it out and getting stronger. We still think the odds are pretty good that he will skip crawling and go straight to walking.

And of course a few pictures from his 7th month:


All dressed up and ready to go to a funeral (one of the road trips)


He loves puppies!


My grandma with Thijs


My grandma with me. I had a lot more hair, but sometimes we look like twins

You caught me

You caught me


3 thoughts on “7 month update

  1. Molly says:

    His cheeks are totally irresistible!

  2. Becca says:

    I love that toy in the last picture- a walker right? Where did you get it? He is so big now! You are going to need a bigger chalk board.

  3. lesbemums says:

    Oh my gosh – so gorgeous!!!! Those cheeks!!!

    Who doesn’t like mashed potato? However, have you tried sweet potato mash instead??

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