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Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday and I’m really happy about that. I miss my baby and I’m excited to go enjoy this lovely spring weather with him. The new boss and I are going to take off a little early and grab a much needed beer. Then, our little family is going to attend an LGBT parenting meetup at the park. One of the couples has a little girl a week older than Matthijs. They’ve met each other a few times and he LOVES kids, so I’m sure he is going to be thrilled and he loves the park. I mean look at this kid, could he be any happier?


So great news to report! My mom had surgery to remove  her cancerous tumor. The surgery went well and was over a lot faster than the surgeon had anticipated. He said everything went and looked good. We waited an agonizing week or so for the pathology results and….her lymph system wasn’t affected. The tumor itself was pretty large and had started invading the colon, but not gone through. Some of the lymph nodes were enlarged, but it was because they were fighting the cancer, not because they were cancerous. She’s officially a Stage II and will be closely monitored for the next 5 years and then if there are no recurrences, she will be considered cured. I can’t tell you what a relief this is. No chemo, no more surgeries, no radiation. Just a big sigh of relief.

And, since it’s Colon Cancer awareness month, please get screened and remind your loved ones to get screened. I had no idea my mom, almost 60, had never gotten screened.I would have hounded her if I knew. I have to start screenings at 40 and you better believe I’ll be there on the dot.

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Belated 8 Month Post

I’ll tell you what, these last 3 months have left little time for breathing. Between work, and crisis in my family, and J’s family, and our nanny’s family, we have mostly been in survival mode.

I finally feel like I am catching my breath and am happy to finally put words to Matthijs’ 8th month of life.


He is still gaining weight like a boss. He has little to no interest in joining the mobile class of humans, so chubby he remains. He was 19 lbs 12 oz and 27 inches long. Still close to the 50th percentile, but heading up. People always comment on how chubby he is. I wouldn’t say it bothers me, but I find it odd. He’s normal and healthy. I much prefer my chunky monkey to worrying about failure to thrive when he was a newborn and constantly going to weight checks and pumping and nursing  continuously around the clock.

  • He has become a lover of bubble baths. He still loves showers too, but we’ve started a bedtime routine of bath after dinner and he LOVES it. J usually gets him ready and I bathe with him. After she takes his diaper off and he hears the water running he takes off “running” to the bathroom (while she is holding his hands of course). His favorite thing is the faucet. He’s not sure if he wants to eat it, bang on it, or just play with the water. He also enjoys eating bubbles, nursing (of course) and try to eat the loofah.

Never too young for a bubble beard!

  • He still has zero interest in crawling and demands to walk around constantly. He is sooo fast! Sometimes his little legs get going before his feet even touch the ground. Poor J already has a bad back and well we are both getting older, not younger. It’s hard to hunch over all day to help the little guy walk around. Sometimes I won’t notice it and then when I finally stand up I fear that my back will snap in half like a credit card that has been bent. Yikes! I gave up on trying to get him to crawl, he cries every time I put him on his belly. So, I tried to teach him to stand up and walk by himself. He’s getting better and likes to try to walk back and forth between me and J. His favorite things to walk to are the garbage can and the dog bowl, gross!

    A walkin fool


    Just let me do it by myself already

  • He continues to be our little nature boy. We started taking him to the playground at the park and he thinks it’s the bees knees. He loves, loves, loves other kids and babies and being outside. It’s like the perfect place. His favorite thing is probably the little bumpy slide, followed by the sand, eating sticks, playing the musical things, and he is still unsure about the swings. I can’t wait until he can walk and run around and love it even more!
Day at the park

Day at the park

  • Our poor little guy got his first cold. It was miserable. He and I both got sick and stayed sick for about 2 weeks. He initially didn’t have a fever at all. He was just really congested and couldn’t breathe out of his nose, but insisted on nursing all night long. We were both exhausted. His eyes got really goopy so I called and then took him to the Dr. She gave us an antibiotic for his eyes and said to call if he got a fever. About 30 minutes after we got home, he had a pretty high fever so J called and his Dr. called in an oral antibiotic as well. He HATED it soooo bad. It was so sad. Between that and the nosefrida, I didn’t think he would ever trust us again. He developed PTSD about his changing table, because that’s where we’d use the nosefrida. When we put him there for a diaper change he would scream and cry until we picked him up. So we started doing the nosefrida somewhere else. Poor kid. I hope he doesn’t get sick again until he can talk and blow his own nose.
  • He also got his first two teeth! Teething was horrible. One night we woke up really fussy and wouldn’t nurse back to sleep. After about an hour of rocking and singing and shushing, he projectile vomited all over. I said teething because I’d heard of it being a teething symptom before. J thought I was nuts and that he ate something that didn’t sit well. Sure enough, I felt inside his mouth and a little jaggedy tooth was starting to poke through. It lasted about a week and he refuses any teething items, but now he was two adorable little bottom teeth.
  • His favorite book was The Wheels on the Bus. It’s a pop up, movable parts book. He got it for Christmas when he was really upset about not being able to grab the pictures in his book. He already love the song, J started singing it to him when he was itty bitty. His favorite page is the wipers and the doors opening and closing. He can even do the flaps on the last page all by himself!
  •  He finally rolled from his back to his belly and started clapping, which is the cutest thing ever.

And a few more pictures:

  • Thinking about crawling

    Thinking about crawling

    Lights at the children's museum

    Lights at the children’s museum


    More neat stuff at the children’s museum

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Deja vu

My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer just over a week ago. She is having surgery thisThursday to remove the tumor. It’s a stage II at least, possibly a stage III, but not a stage IV (thank goodness). Her lymph nodes are enlarged, but we won’t know if it is because they have cancer, or are fighting the cancer, until after the surgery and pathology is done.

I hate cancer.

Also, I need to apologize. I’m so behind on blog reading. It was a hellacious month at work (I usually catch up on my pump breaks). And I have a belated 8 month update to write.

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