Our little sunshine is three-quarters of a year old. He’ll actually be 10 months old on Sunday, but he keeps me busy.


He growing seems to have slowed down a bit. He’s a healthy little guy. He actually weighed less and was shorter at his 9 month check up last week than he was the month before. Strange… I’m going to blame it on user error.

  • We have a little dreamer on our hands. I wish he could tell us what he daydreams about. One minute he is with us chatting up a storm and then the next minute he is off in his own little world. Then, he comes back to us like whoa I was just somewhere else really cool!. My guess is milk, exploring, puppies, and books. Those seems to be his favorite things.
  • We broke down and got him a walker. He LOVES it. It took him less than 24 hours to figure out how to get around it. We rolled up the rugs and moved the tables to the sides of the rooms and he zooms around as fast as he can. He spins in circles, goes forwards and backwards. He tries to get into all the cupboards and then gets frustrated that it doesn’t work (because the frame of the walker blocks the door). His favorite things to do are: chase the puppies, drag the garbage can around, and try to grab the fire extinguisher. He likes to run and then lift up his legs and glide or stomp them down to screech to a halt. It cracks me up. I don’t know how to post videos on here, but if I ever figure it out I’ll post one. He likes to run really fast and then lift up his feet and glide and/or put them down and come to an abrupt halt. It’s really funny when he runs because he leans forward with one arm up in a “charge!” position.
And sometimes he just likes to read by himself in his walker

And sometimes he just likes to read by himself in his walker

About to run away

About to run away

"helping" me cook

“helping” me cook

  • His personality is showing more and more each day and he’s a funny little character. He likes to laugh and likes when we do silly things to make him laugh. Things that usually make him laugh are: peek-a-boo, being tickled, being surprised, being thrown or dropped in the air, and silly and different voices and faces. When he is waiting for us to do whatever it is we are doing to make him laugh again he looks away, but looks at us out of the corner of his eye, with a little grin on his face. Then, he erupts in laughter. It’s adorable.


Laughing about something silly

Laughing about something silly

  • He is not a big fan of crowds, lots of people and over stimulating environments in general. I wonder if he is an introvert or not. He’s very social, but I can tell he gets very overwhelmed if we are away from home for too long. J’s sister got married recently and that was WAY too many people coming and excitedly saying hi to him and wanting to hold him. He’s a little home body and really loves just hanging out with his little family most of the time (and being outdoors of course).
  • He still really loves books. It’s harder and harder to pick his favorite book of the month because he loves almost all of them. Though, he makes it quite clear when he doesn’t want to read a particular book. He has recently started liking the soft books more because he can look at them all by himself. His favorite is Where is the Bone. He likes to chew on the bone and thinks it’s hilarious when the dog barks and tries to lick him. The fish page is his favorite.
  • He started clapping and was so proud of himself when he first figured out how to do it. He does it all the time, especially when he is really happy or wants something that he can’t reach. He started sharing his things with J, not me so much though, which I find funny. He first offered her a  pacifier he was chewing on and later his food. I tried to get him to share his food with me, but he just laughed. Then fed it to the dog… And..he’s really close to walking. He can stand up unassisted for a few seconds if he really concentrates.

And of course a few more pictures of his 9th month.

Such a cheeser

Such a cheeser

New play area

New play area

Fist attempt at painting...he wasn't sure what to think of it. Good thing we got edible paint

Fist attempt at painting…he wasn’t sure what to think of it. Good thing we got edible paint

So silly

So messy


Auntie’s wedding. He loved the flower girl’s bouquet.

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One thought on “Three-Quarters

  1. Molly says:

    He has the best cheeks!

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