Nearly a Year

Well, I’m officially a terrible blogger. Other than missing reading updates from folks that I follow, one of the only reasons I come back at least monthly is to make sure that I’m documenting Thijs’ life in some way. I have a journal I write in for him, but I’m a month behind there as well. I keep telling myself that I’ll blog more often, and it never happens, just like the mural in his room isn’t finished. Babies are time consuming. So, even though he is 11 months old as of Tuesday, I’m still going to do his 10 month update here.

DSC_0645 (2)

He’s still about the same size as he was at 9 months, a teeny bit taller and a teeny bit heavier. Growth has definitely slowed wayyyy down though.

  • He continues to be a little nature boy and love, love, loves animals, all of them. There is a local farm we go to often and he loves seeing and petting all the animals, especially goats, pigs, sheeps and birds. He also goes to the aviary at least once a week and loves just watching the birds. One day he wanted to get really close to the birds (you can walk around in their “home”) and he reached out and it bit him. I thought he would start crying, nope he thought it was hilarious and kept trying to get the bird to bite him again.
Trying to get a closer look at the peacock with it's feathers out

Trying to get a closer look at the peacock with it’s feathers out



  • Solids have pretty much been a no go. We are doing baby-led weaning and baby is saying I don’t really like solids, I want to breastfeed for my entire life thankyouverymuch! What he does love to do is feed all of his food to the puppies. We try to stop it, but he is a sneaky little guy. One second he is pretending to eat and then bam his hand moves like a flash down to the side of his chair and into a puppy mouth. He loves it and thinks it’s hilarious. Sometimes we give him little snacks while he wheels around in his walker, yep those go straight to puppy mouths as well. I repeat often, food before 1 is just for fun…food before 1 is just for fun…
  • More and more of his personality comes out the older he gets and he is a little goofball. He loves to make us laugh and loves when we make him laugh. He’s such a happy kid, which makes me happy because honestly those first 4 months had me worried that I messed him up by being so sad while I was pregnant. He likes to make noises to scare and startle us and then laughs and laughs. He LOVES to be tickled, it’s his favorite thing, especially after he wakes up or finishes nursing.


  • The sleep regression is real y’all. He has never been a “good” sleeper, but 9-11 months has been hell. He won’t go to sleep, he won’t stay asleep. There have been a few times I’ve had to hold him down while he nurses so that he will settle and relax and fall asleep. Otherwise, he will nurse for a few seconds, sit up and roll around and play, nurse again, sit up again. All while yawning nonstop. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to get up and party. It’s been a tired month. He also suddenly hates diaper changes again. And now he can move which makes things interesting.
  • He continues to love books, which is awesome and so much fun. His patience is a little lower at times, but he still can sit and read for 20-30 minutes. His favorite books was hard again, but Little Owl’s Night has been a big hit. We read it almost every night at bedtime. His favorite part is the end when the sun comes up and the owl goes to sleep. He even made rooster noises one night while we read it.
  • He mastered drinking out of a regular cup and a straw cup this month. Woo hoo! He loves drinking water. He wants to drink out of the same type of cup we are using, so he gets mugs and glass bottle here and there. He is also got soooo close to walking unassisted. He’s not crawling and his pediatrician pretty much confirmed that he won’t, that he’ll just go straight to walking. He took 2-3 steps on his own quite a few times this month, but isn’t quite “walking” yet. DSC_0664

A few more photos of month 10:

Meeting the giant Easter Bunny

Meeting the giant Easter Bunny

Pigs! Pay attention to me!

Pigs! Pay attention to me!

Easter is awesome!

Easter is awesome!


Laughing on the swings

Laughing on the swings

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2 thoughts on “Nearly a Year

  1. Molly says:

    He is totally irresistible. Between the cheeks and the smile I think I’d probably give him anything he ever wanted!

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