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Mother of the Year Moment

I’ve certainly had my “I feel like a terrible mother” moments over the last 12 month, but I had my first noteworthy MOTY moment this weekend.

We were out in our front yard and I was watering plants while J and M were playing. I felt something crawling on my arm and figured it was just some bug, maybe a ladybug, and kept watering. A few seconds later I look down to swat it away and see that it’s a wasp. AHHHH! I hate wasps, they terrify me. Like sprint at cheetah speed in the other direction kind of fear. It’s totally irrational. I experienced my first sting a few years ago, in the neck. I yelled an expletive and that was that. It is much worse in my head than in real life. 

So back to the story….I freak out and tell J in a terrified, but trying to stay calm voice, that there is a wasp on my arm. She says to spray it with the hose I’m holding. I take a few more seconds to get up the courage and then spray the little bugger.

It Doesn’t move.

Now the panic is starting to set in because I’ve surely pissed it off by spraying it. I start flailing my arms around while spraying the hose all over the place.

It disappears. Phew!!!

I carry on with my watering and playing with the fam.

A few minutes later M is walking along the cement path in front of our steps and starts screaming. He stepped on the wasp and it stung him.

I felt so awful. Here I am a grown person that can handle a wasp freaked out and drowned a wasp onto the ground and my sweet little baby stepped on it.

J hurried and put some baking soda on it and he made sure he didn’t have a bad reaction. He was walking on his foot again 10 minutes later, but I still felt awful.

Note to self, put shoes on the baby when you go outside.

And to make it even better. Our poor Xena got stung last night. You might remember this happened a while ago. This time it was much worse. I thought her eyes were going to swell shut. We were so worried that her airway was going to close so J rushed her to the emergency vet at 9:00 last night (when she got stung). This is her after she came back from the vet. She was looking better when we left for work this morning. Hopefully she is feeling better tonight, she was just miserable and pathetic all night.

Team Wasps: 3

Team Humans: 0

WP_20150701_010 WP_20150701_008

DSC_0296And how cute is this guy? He started smiling for the camera recently.

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