10 things

Thanks to Little Rainbow Bug for tagging me for this fun little game. It’s always fun to learn more about the folks I read about all the time, aside from their pregnancy/parenting journeys.

  1. How old were you the first time you fell in love?

Well, obviously when I met my wife. So, I was 26.

I very first fell “in love” when I was 17. I had a boyfriend in highschool. I thought I loved him at the time and maybe I did as much as a 17 year old can, but it was a pretty awful relationship after the first 6 months. We’re still friends though.

   2.  Cats or dogs?

Dogs all the way. I’m not a cat person even a little bit. Sorry cat lovers. In the words of Amy Poehler, “great for her, not for me”

   3.   What is your favorite book or author?

Great question. I love books I don’t know if I could pick a favorite. I remember that I really loved Brave New World when I read it in high school. I’ve read so many great books. I used to read a lot of memoirs and such, but since I started my current job almost 3 years ago, I need a break from all the awful things in the world. So, now I usually prefer funny books. The last book I read was Yes Please and it was hilarious.

   4.   If you had the time to study anything in depth, what would it be?

Like for a career? I’d love to go back in time 5-10 years and become a midwife.

For fun? everything. I used to joke around about how I’d get 15 undergrad degrees because I love learning about new things all the time.

   5.  What is your favorite season and why?

Summer! I love wearing shorts and sandals and feeling the warm sun on my skin. And of course I love that we get to go camping, hiking, swimming, and all the other fun stuff that happens in the summer.

   6.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Well, after graduate school we intentionally moved back to our home state. We still wonder why sometimes. I think I’d really like living in Boulder, CO or northern California, but I thought that about Portland before we went there recently. I really like it here and I’m a creature of habit. I want to travel all over the world though, next stop Fiji? Maybe, my wife still owes me from our bet.

  7.  Have you ever traveled abroad from whatever your country of origin is?

Yes. I’ve been to England, South Africa and Mexico. Can’t wait for our next adventure!

  8.  Do you play a musical instrument?

I was learning to play the drums back in the day. My teacher said I was a natural and I could make a lot of money if I stuck with it. But I got married and went to grad school and had a baby instead. I need to sell my set, but it makes me kind of sad.

  9.  What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

With my family. I love going on hikes or just playing at the park. It’s so fun to see M explore new places and discover new things and skills. It’s my favorite thing about the weekends.

 10. Are you a planner or a doer?

I’m definitely more of a planner most of the time, though since having M, I often forget to do the planning and things get a little more like flying by the seat of my pants. Which can be fun, but I really prefer plans most of the time.

I just finished pumping and have to run home for the nanny switch. OMG we have a new nanny and it’s like going back to work with a newborn all over again. Hold me please. I’ll come back with 10 new questions and hopefully 10 more people to tag.


One thought on “10 things

  1. Caitlin says:

    Just let me know when you plan to visit! We would happily host and show you around!

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