Taking off on a jet plane

We went on our first real family vacation last month. We also went camping the month before, but I don’t really consider camping a vacation. We went to Portland to visit my sister. She moved the the PNW 6ish years ago and we had never made the trip up to visit, so it was much overdue. I was nervous to fly with a 13 month old, but he did A to the MAZING! On the flight there we has so intrigued by EVERYTHING on the plane. The air, the lights, the windows, the trays, he was entertained. It helped that it was a short flight. 11802752_10100390795903961_4979825274470897933_o

My phone got stolen the first night we were there, boo Portland! Other than that our trip was awesome. M rolled with it and did so great. He got short naps and went to bed late and was still a happy camper until the last day, when he got a little grumpy and tired.

We went to Oceanside and M got to see the ocean for the first time. He was pretty excited


He loved playing in (and eating) the sand. OMG the kid ate soooo much sand. Toddlers are nothing but strange creatures. 🙂 The water was a little chilly, but he loved playing in the bit of water farther out, it was nice and warm and not deep. We  stayed in Tillamook and ate an an awful restaurant. Then we went on a lovely forest walk and went to Cannon Beach, which was lovely.

We finally got a taste of the Portland weather and hung out at the museum while it rained all day. This group of introverts was worn out after that. We went on another forest walk later. Then, on our last day there we went to the Gorge and saw lots of waterfalls, which was awesome. I was glad when M finally woke up and got to see ponytail falls, because he thought it was pretty neat.

Can’t wait for our next vacation over Labor Day!

And some pictures of the toddler’s first vacation adventure:





11722456_10100390995214541_703705092512198766_o 11700993_10100390999800351_384502527281626283_o 11834709_10100390999875201_6069613797484491959_o


Carrying a nursing/sleeping toddler across the beach is tough. We almost got caught when the tide came in, yikes!

Cannon Beach




We had to make the obligatory stop for doughnuts


This happened A LOT during the trip


This place was the coolest, I wish we had restaurants like this here



Hike that I don’t remember the name of. We basically went to the top of a mountain that overlooked the ocean


He LOVES trees


He did this a lot, looking up at the tall trees and signing “tree” over and over again.


Being silly. M isn’t amused


Hotels are fun places to drive trucks all over apparently


M loves pizza


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2 thoughts on “Taking off on a jet plane

  1. 1. I love his hair.
    2. I’m so jealous that your kid will tolerate the water. Bingo SCREAMED when we tried to take her near the sea, and I only managed to get her into the lake by telling her that we were walking, not swimming.
    3. The pizza shot is amazing.

  2. Becca says:

    Looks like a great trip! He’s so cute with that pizza!

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