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Beta Results

are in…. and it’s 518! That’s for 12dp5dpt, or 17 dpo, so fairly normal and average according to google. So we’re still pregnant, woo hoo! J goes back tomorrow morning for draw #2 and then if all is good we are to schedule an ultrasound. We aren’t sure if we are supposed to do this with the RE clinic or the midwives…but I guess we’ll find out.

The progesterone injections are terrible. At least for me, the person that has to inject a long and fat needle into my wife every night. Last night I asked if she wishes she would have done the suppositories and she said no. I think I do though, it’s the worst. And we (I) have to do it for 6 more weeks! Nature Boy is super helpful though and gives Momma her medicine multiple times (after I take the needle off of course). We told him Momma has a baby in her tummy. He asked to see it and then said I had one in my tummy. I guess we have a while for him to understand what it all means eh?

J thinks it’s a girl. I said she’s probably right. I always thought Nature Boy was a boy. It’s becoming more real now, and more fun as I realize that I’m going to get a baby and don’t have to be pregnant. I’ll report back on what’s worse overall, being pregnant or having a pregnant wife. So far J wants to sleep all the time, but is a real trooper in trying to fight the fatigue. She hates food and can’t look at it, but has to eat it. She only wants to eat meat, gross. Everything is growing and expanding. That little poppyseed is doing quite a number on her.

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Not so Easy

I miss blogging. Life has been a whirlwind since Nature Boy was born, and even more so the last 8 months or so. Some things are easier and some things are harder. I haven’t made time to come here and I miss it. We’ve been working on #2 for a while now and I’ve really missed being among a community of others who are trying, and failing, and succeeding to add to their families. So I’m going to attempt to come back here and reconnect with this space and this community.

To make a long, and honestly quite boring, story short we’ve been TTC #2 since September of last year. This time J is hopefully going to carry. We started out with at home ICI’s again and after those few tries, I decided that it is really a miracle I ever got pregnant that way. After a disaster with FedEx, we took a few months off and opted for a fertility clinic recommended by friends of ours. We did 3 unmedicated and unmonitored IUI’s. All BFN’s. Last month we did a medicated and monitored IUI, another BFN. And now we’re headed for a 2nd medicated and monitored IUI tomorrow. Phew, that exhausts me just to write it out.

We’re not sure what we will do if this attempt doesn’t work. We have 2 purchased vials left of the same donor (Socrates) we used to get Nature Boy. Last time we called the bank he had less than¬†20 vials, so we’re feeling like we need to make the most of what we have. We’ve discussed IVF and going back to me carrying. Neither option sounds super appealing. I do want to be pregnant again, but the timing is off. I just got a big promotion at work and Nature Boy is still nursing. At this rate I think he’ll be nursing until he’s 5. So we still have some thinking and deciding to do.

But I’m slightly hopeful that this IUI will ¬†work and we won’t have to go with either option. It’s hard to stay hopeful though. We’re reaching the point where people that starting trying when we did are having babies. It sucks.



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